Biking Safety Tips

Safe Bike Riding Techniques
30.07.2016 01:50

The bicycle rider must always ride with his skills. There is the fine line between pushing the boundaries safely and pushing them recklessly. The safe mountain biking comes with expertise – even if we have a tendency to cannot offer a guide to any or all the techniques, we might prefer to share some recommendation from professionals with our lesser old riders.

The experts recommend the following:

  • Keep your speed at A level which will enable you to regulate any unforeseen obstacles or changes in path conditions.
  • A lot of management you have got your speed – a lot of management on your bike.
  • Avoid trying crazy stunts on your bicycle – think!
  • Try to stay your pedaling motion constant and beating.
  • If you think that a region is well on the far side your ability level, Then get off your best budget mountain bike, take a glance and solely ride it if you're assured that you simply will complete it with the least quantity of risk to yourself. 
  • It is your responsibility to avoid alternative persons and objects around you.
  • Do not stop wherever you hinder a path or aren't visible from higher than.
  • When coming into a path or beginning downhill, you want to look uphill and yield to alternative riders.    

Going Uphill

  • Learn the way to distribute your weight equally across the bike while feeding power to the proper areas of the bike.
  • It takes to apply to find out, however, easy variations in forward, and backward movements of your body will assist you to recover from obstacles and up steep hills.
  • Drop your elbows and keep them near to your face, lowering the center of gravity - as you become a lot of knowledgeable you'll begin to shift your weight strightly additional forward that ought to boot facilitate with the front wheel lifting.
  • Keep your head to choose your line - you ought to see the obstacle and focus your attention straightaway on the simplest route around it. Keep your target this time of reference and you'll sometimes with success navigate tough obstacles.
  • Get the right gear - once approaching a hill a typical drawback is to flick into all-time low gear and attack hill. Instead, choose the gear that is simply low enough that does not mean you have got to square on the pedals.

Going downhill

  • This is often An exhilarating, internal secretion pumping ride however additionally terribly dangerous.
  • You must always confirm your brakes are within the best-operating order before an extreme downhill ride!
  • Place your weight over the rear of the cycle- hold your bottom as way back as you'll while not losing management of the front of the bike
  • Stay low, keeping the front of your body as near to the bike as potential 
  • Keep your legs and arms relaxed and versatile - even if you are riding a full suspension downhill bicycle, your arms and legs are the foremost efficient shock absorbers you have got, and suppleness in your legs is essential once riding over humps and bumps.
  • When riding over the bumps, get your weight back over the rear wheel, and either grip the saddle together with your thighs, or place your belly on the saddle keeping your knees bent and relaxed. Your elbows ought to even be slightly bent.
  • Keep your feet in line with the bottom - unless negotiating sharp, tight switchbacks or corners your feet ought to be a 'platform' position at roughly three and nine o'clock. If you begin to lose management, it is easy for you only to start the rear of the bike. Making an attempt to dismount over the highest of the bike isn't continuously the first sensible on the steep stuff.
  • Brake equally victimization each the front and back brake.
  • Pick a line and follow it - as you descend, look ahead fifteen to twenty feet. The route you select and your brake management contribute to a fluid descent moreover.


With this page we might prefer to pay tribute to the memory of Olympic bicycle bristled being and also the inspiration he delivered to numerous MTB enthusiasts! We might prefer to plead for bigger safety and relation towards all cyclists from all athletics codes! Could we have a tendency to share our public roads and bicycle trails with the best of respect to all!

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