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Best Tips for Buy a Mountain Bike Thats Right For You
11.06.2016 22:25

Before driving to the local mountain bike shop with your wallet in hand, it may be a good idea to ask yourself what your goals are for mountain biking. Are you interested in riding the local fire roads near your house, or jumping off the steepest mountains at the state championship? Are you a seasoned rider looking to upgrade, or a new mountain bike rider purchasing his first MTB. 

A new Mountain Bike is an investment so determining your riding goals is the first step to choosing the right wheels for you with many riding styles out there. There is a multitude of bikes to match your MTB goals. 

Buy the Best Mountain Bike you can afford. If you see yourself as a long-term mountain biker, spending as much as you can usually is best. As an example, buying a bike with a mid-level component group like Shimano's XT will outperform its lower LX class. 

If you are decided to upgrade it, later on, it will cost you more to buy the component group separately than if you paid the extra money to get a better bike with the upgraded components as manufacturers receive volume discounts that most retailers don't. Also, there is no installation cost, or you have to do it yourself. 

Do you buy from your local MTB shop or go online?

The advantages to buying online are typically selection and a lower price tag. One of the most important decisions to get a bike is buying the one that fits you Everyone has different size bodies and legs so purchasing a mountain bike that maximizes your comfort and power distribution is best. If you buy a cycle from local MTB shop may cost you more. But they can usually provide the best advice on bike fit.

disadvantage is that you are limited by their current selection in stock. Usually, bike shops are dealers for a few select manufactures so visiting some local bike shops you can make a decision on which MTB brand is best for you.

Paying for a good bike fit from your local bike shop then ordering online with your MTB measurements is another option. After getting your mountain bike, you can have your local MTB shop fine-tune your bike fit.

However, most mountain bike local shops will include a bike fit if you purchase an MTB from them. Consider which option will provide you the best MTB, bike fit, and lowest cost on your budget and time constraints. 

Check out the forums and ask your fellow MTB riders. There is nothing like getting real world reviews of the MTB. You are thinking about from mountain bikers who are riding the MTB model you're considering. With knowledge of the strengths and weakness of the MTB model, they are a great source of help. 

Below are five universal MTB styles to consider: 

If trails and climbing mountains are your things, but also steep declines, you may want to consider an all-mountain bike.The geometry gives excellent stability in rough steep situations as compared with the typical trail bike.With a very good suspension about four to six inches, the all-mountain MTB provides good trail riding, also allows you to take on light stunt work too. If the trails, freeriding and downhill riding interest you, an all-mountain bike may be the best MTB for you.

Cross-Country Race Bikes  
If you dream about off-road speed, then an XC MTB may be for you With a steep angle geometry and a suspension of three to four inches of travel, an XC MTB handles are fast on moderate trails. 


Cross-Country Trail Bikes  
These MTB bikes are it if you are looking for an all-around mountain bike. With three to five inches of suspension travel, these MTB bikes provide good comfort and climb with maximum efficiency. If you are a mountain biker who likes challenging terrain, this MTB may be for you. 

Downhill Race Bikes 

If you are looking for speed on the downhill, this is the bike for you With six inches or more of travel and a well-built frame. These bikes can take a pounding on the downhill. However, about the issue of added weight, you may think twice about taking on a long climb. 

Hardtail Bikes  

If you like light trails or a fast MTB, then a hardtail is the better option for you if you are not seeking for good comfort. As hardtails have front-only suspension, they have less pedal bob and increased pedal stroke efficiency when compared to dual suspension MTB bikes

When you are choosing your next mountain bike, it's a better concept to make a consider about strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that more suspension and a stronger frame equal more weight and a tougher climb the mountain but on the other side easier descents. Figuring out the mountain bike riding style that appeals to you the most, Then when you are choosing your new MTB working back to other styles may be the best approach to follow. 

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